Day Spa Packages & Services

Dessert Manicure & Pedicure

Dessert-inspired mani & pedi which includes: Hand & Foot Fizz Soaking, Sugar Scrub Exfoliation, Massage, Filing and Ice Cream to eat as a sweet treat $50

Slimy Spa Experience

Ooey Gooey Super Slimy Mani & Pedi, Mucky & Muddy Facial Mask, Create your own Swamp Water Bubble Bath, Totally Rad Tattoo, Gummy Worms served as a special treat $60

My First Time at the Spa

Dessert Manicure & Pedicure, Chocolate or Banana Facial Mask with Cucumber Eye Service & Photo Keepsake $60

Pamper Me Dolly

Cupcake Sprinkles Manicures, Cucumber Mist Facials, Glossy Lip Application, Perfume Spritz, Matching Mini Hair Do & Hair Accessory For You & Your Doll, & Photo Keepsake $60

VIP & Me

This package is great for some alone time with your daughter, niece, cousin, or granddaughter in our spa. Choose 2 of the following services: Dessert Manicures, Dessert Pedicures, Chocolate or Banana Facials. (Suitable for moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas, nieces, sons, nephews) PLEASE NOTE: Manicure or pedicure consists of light nail filing, buffing, exfoliation, massage and nail polish application ONLY. Does not include nail or cuticle cutting. We also only work with natural nails not shellac.   $109

Be YOU Day

Dessert Manicure & Pedicure, Chocolate or Banana Facial Mask, Create Two Glam Labs, Glam Hairstyle, Makeup Application & Photo Keepsake $120

Li'l Miss Precious

My First Mini Mani, Paint My Toes Pretty Pedi, Princess Tiara, Glitter Star Wish & Special Treat $49






*taxes not included in above packages