5 Fave things from Glama Gal Sudbury

Happy Friday everyone!

As promised this week we are counting down our five favourite things about Glama Gal Sudbury! So let’s begin..

Number 5: Glama Gal Events

If you have ever been to a special event at Glama Gals you know what we’re talking about! Our events range from PA day camps, to glow in the dark dance parties, Halloween celebrations, and even yoga sessions. At Glama Gals we do not just host birthday parties but also nights to bond with friends and even create some new ones! Some of our upcoming events are listed below. Make sure to book soon, our limited space events always book up fast and always guarantee a glamtastic time!

November 18th: Dolly and Me Spa night 

November 24th: Tween and Teen Skin Care Workshop 14700893_1798030357076047_7160438116363268865_o

14962698_1806483549564061_9192420816403734223_nDecember 2nd: Holiday Market

December 4th: Royal Breakfast with Cinderella 

14991409_1806405456238537_3353825683546305596_oDecember 24th: Pancakes and Pyjamas Christmas Eve Celebration 

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Number 4: Glamspiration and Co. 

All I have to say is YUMMY!!! The scents on all our natural Glamspiration and co products are delicious! The natural deodorant comes in Pink Sugar, Lime Fresh, and Unscented and whichever scent you prefer, you will be left feeling fresh and confident. After using the Birthday Cake, Chocolate, Banana, or our latest addition, Cotton Candy, hydrating facial masques your skin will feel refreshed and smell like a sweet dessert (and who doesn’t love that?). And to add the cherry on top, our non-toxic, peel-able, water based, kid friendly nail polish comes in TEN different colours! All of these products make great gifts for friends and family, you can even treat yourself!

Number 3: Glam Memories

Making memories is part of this blog’s name for a reason. Here at Glama Gals we thrive on making the most memorable experience a perfect one. We want you to leave and always remember the fun times you had with us and get excited for the next time you come to visit. Pictures and videos are great, but remembering how you felt in that very moment is what we’re talking about. One of our party favourites is the Compliment Chair. During a party or even a day spa, we like to have friends compliment each other. This extra step could make someones day. We want to promote giving compliments to people because we all know how good it feels to get some feel good vibes. We have a few extra tricks up our sleeves to enhance your experience with Glama Gals and create special memories, but you’ll have to come in and find out for yourself! We can’t share all our secrets.

Number 2: Glam culture

The culture at Glama Gal Sudbury is beyond what you would ever expect from 10 ladies. We are always inspiring and motivating other young ladies to be true to themselves. We thrive to promote our GLAMA mantra of Girls Leading And Motivating All together  and teaching positivity and confidence in every service that we do. Glama Gals is not just a spa for kids. We are motivators, mentors, friends, and family. We care about the well being of our youth in the community and we want them to feel comfortable being themselves. Our Glama Gals read the oath and make the promise to us to always be true and be as beautiful as they are, because we all know beauty comes from the inside.

Number 1: Glam family

The number one thing all Glama Gals agreed on as our Glam Family! Coming into Glama Gals you instantly feel welcomed with open arms. Everyone has a different meaning of family, but I think we can all agree that a family has unity, respect, connectivity, and trust. And thats exactly what we have at Glama Gal Sudbury. A day at Glama Gals does not even feel like a day at work, it feels like a home.  No matter what happened during the day or even if you failed a really important test, the Glama Gals know just how to make anyone feel better. We always treat each other exactly how we would want to be treated and we are always looking out for one another. We truly care about every Glama Gal and making them feel special, even you.

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