Why Glama Gal Kid Spa is the best gift for the holidays in 2019!

Give the gift of an experience this holiday season at Canada’s only spa for KIDS. Locations in Vaughan, Ajax, Oakville, Newmarket, Toronto-East York & Barrie. 

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Holiday Break Day Spa Specials

Check out these amazing specials being offered during the holiday break. Call your closest Glama Gal location or  click book now button and book your closest location online. 


Valentine’s Day at Glama Gal

Stay tuned for our Valentine’s Day Spa Special at Glama Gal coming soon!

5 best gift experiences for kids in 2017 from Glama Gal

Every year at Glama Gal we try to create holiday gift ideas that are experiences and memories to last a lifetime. Here are our top 5 gift ideas and things to do during the holidays at Glama Gals with the kids. 

On a side note and reminder Glama Gal Spa for Kids has locations in Vaughan, Ajax, Oakville, Newmarket, Yorkdale area, East York, Sudbury, Barrie and Blue Mountain

Experience #1

Sugar Plum Fairy Spa Special
Offered from November 15th to January 8th, 2018
Get in the holiday spirit with our very special Sugar Plum Fairy Spa package. Book this one hour appointment offered from November 15th till January 7th, 2018. Includes: Glitter dusted mini manicure, sugar plum scented hair toppings, magical mini makeup application, whimsical glitter tattoo , create your own magical glitter fairy lotion, enchanted story time session,  fairy dusted mini donut treat  & take away from our treasure chest. Great for ages 5 & up. $75 plus h.s.t. per friend. Book Now

Experience #2

You-nicorns & Snowflakes Spa Special
Offered from November 15th to January 8th, 2018
‘Tis the Glam Season at Glama Gal Kids Spa’s with our You-nicorn & Snow Flakes Spa package. Great kids gift idea or day out during the holidays. Package includes: Get glittery blue hair design, mini manicure with Glam*icorn nail design, mix-your-own vanilla snowflake body lotion, winter wishes eye glitter application, marshmallow magic drink served and Limited Edition You-nicorn & Snow Flakes Bath Bomb to take home. Great for ages 5 & up. $55 plus h.s.t. per friend. Book Now

Experience #3

GLAM JAM Drop Off Nights
December 22nd, 29th & January 5th
From holiday parties, to a shopping night to even a date night. Drop the kids off at Glama Gal.  We are hosting a  series of GLAM JAM PJ Parties on December 22nd, December 29th and January 5th from 5pm to 8pm. Evening includes: Includes: Dinner-pizza & veggies, movie time, become a GG Insider, DIY Glam lab station, glamspirational friendship bonfire, hot cocoa & cookies treat. Suitable for ages 5 & up. $49 per guest plus H.S.T. Book Now

Experience #4

Happy Noon Year’s Eve Party
December 31st, 2017 10am and 12pm Time Slots
Join us for our annual Noon Year’s Eve party for kids. An event that sells out every year. This years event includes: Confetti manicures, pink champagne & little fancies, pink balloon drop filled with inspirational wishes for the New Year, glitter hair  & makeup applications, DIY Bling Ring  & a Noon Year’s Eve Dance Party. $44 per guest plus H.S.T. Book Now

Experience #5

Glam Wishes Sick Kids Package

A package that means so much to all of us. Book today at your closest Glama Gal Location and let’s give back together. Book Now



Purchase GIFT CERTIFICATES to any Glama Gal location online. Gift cards will be sent via e-mail to recipient or you can print from home. 

Glama Gal Sudbury’s Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens

Glama Gal Sudbury’s Holiday Gift Guide

 We all know the holidays can be stressful. There is always a certain pressure to provide everyone with the best gift of the season. Glama Gals is here to help and take some of the stress away! We have come together to create for Top 5 gifts of the season- All from Glama Gal Sudbury!

1) Fairy Doors

Fairy Doors are an excellent gift for young ones in your family. These little doors are used to help kids get past fears, anxiety, bad days, and provide them with a special feeling that someone cares. The concept of these doors is similar too the Elf on the Shelf in that a special friend comes to visit. The fairy door can be put anywhere in the house and the fairy will come and leave special notes, gifts, or fairy dust that the child can cherish for years. The notes can be as simple as wishing them luck on a test, words of encouragement, or even a funny joke to start off the day. They also come in different colours and make for a cute bedroom decoration. $19.99

2) Glama Gal Attire

Glama Gal clothing is so popular this year! Kids love the Be Confident Be Positive Be YOU saying that is on our T-shirts, headbands and leggings. The sweaters feature an original Glama Gal logo and are super comfy. The robes are available in pink, mauve, and white and have our classic GG logo. They are great for lounging around the house and even after the shower. Also available are doll robes and pyjama’s with our Glama Gal logos on them. Giving the gift of Glama Gal clothing will help spread our glamspiration by reminding everyone to Be Confident, Be Positive, and Be YOU!

3) Glamspiration Nail Shine

The Glamspiration Nail Shine is available right now as a 10-piece kit. These polishes were created with kids in mind. The peel-able, non-toxic polish is an excellent stocking stuffer. The polish will not stain the nails, last many days, odourless, and 100% VOC free!! The unique shimmery colors will be a hit with every kid this season. The box can even be used as a colouring page.

4) Gift cards

Gift cards can be used to purchase items from the retail area but can also be used towards services. A gift card gives your loved one a choice of choosing their favorite thing at GG. It will allow them to have a gift of the Glama Gal experience and a memory that will last a life time. Purchase a gift card and a few bath bombs and you will be the best gift giver ever!

5) Glam Box

Our glam boxes are by far the best gift this season. There is the Dolly & Me Glam Box ($49) and the Ultimate Tween Glam Box ($59). Both boxes include Glama Gal items and a Mini Manicure and Cucumber Mist facial gift card. Not only are they getting gifts to use at home, but also they are receiving the Glama Gal experience. The box details are listed below. The GFF card is an exclusive card that provides FREE mini mani’s on birthdays, discounts off feature visits, 10% off GG retail and much more.

Dolly and Me Glam Box: 1 GG nail shine, GG headband, 1 bath bomb, GFF card, Doll Robe or Pj set, and a mini manicure and cucumber mist facial gift card.

Ultimate Tween Glam Box: 2 GG nail shine, GG headband, 2 bath bomb, GFF card, GG Facial mask tube, and a mini manicure and cucumber mist facial gift card.


After reading this awesome gift ideas, you know it’s not hard to see that Glama Gal Sudbury is a one stop shop for your seasonal gifts. See you soon!


5 Fave things from Glama Gal Sudbury

Happy Friday everyone!

As promised this week we are counting down our five favourite things about Glama Gal Sudbury! So let’s begin..

Number 5: Glama Gal Events

If you have ever been to a special event at Glama Gals you know what we’re talking about! Our events range from PA day camps, to glow in the dark dance parties, Halloween celebrations, and even yoga sessions. At Glama Gals we do not just host birthday parties but also nights to bond with friends and even create some new ones! Some of our upcoming events are listed below. Make sure to book soon, our limited space events always book up fast and always guarantee a glamtastic time!

November 18th: Dolly and Me Spa night 

November 24th: Tween and Teen Skin Care Workshop 14700893_1798030357076047_7160438116363268865_o

14962698_1806483549564061_9192420816403734223_nDecember 2nd: Holiday Market

December 4th: Royal Breakfast with Cinderella 

14991409_1806405456238537_3353825683546305596_oDecember 24th: Pancakes and Pyjamas Christmas Eve Celebration 

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@ggsudbury and Glama Gal Tween Spa Sudbury on Facebook.

Number 4: Glamspiration and Co. 

All I have to say is YUMMY!!! The scents on all our natural Glamspiration and co products are delicious! The natural deodorant comes in Pink Sugar, Lime Fresh, and Unscented and whichever scent you prefer, you will be left feeling fresh and confident. After using the Birthday Cake, Chocolate, Banana, or our latest addition, Cotton Candy, hydrating facial masques your skin will feel refreshed and smell like a sweet dessert (and who doesn’t love that?). And to add the cherry on top, our non-toxic, peel-able, water based, kid friendly nail polish comes in TEN different colours! All of these products make great gifts for friends and family, you can even treat yourself!

Number 3: Glam Memories

Making memories is part of this blog’s name for a reason. Here at Glama Gals we thrive on making the most memorable experience a perfect one. We want you to leave and always remember the fun times you had with us and get excited for the next time you come to visit. Pictures and videos are great, but remembering how you felt in that very moment is what we’re talking about. One of our party favourites is the Compliment Chair. During a party or even a day spa, we like to have friends compliment each other. This extra step could make someones day. We want to promote giving compliments to people because we all know how good it feels to get some feel good vibes. We have a few extra tricks up our sleeves to enhance your experience with Glama Gals and create special memories, but you’ll have to come in and find out for yourself! We can’t share all our secrets.

Number 2: Glam culture

The culture at Glama Gal Sudbury is beyond what you would ever expect from 10 ladies. We are always inspiring and motivating other young ladies to be true to themselves. We thrive to promote our GLAMA mantra of Girls Leading And Motivating All together  and teaching positivity and confidence in every service that we do. Glama Gals is not just a spa for kids. We are motivators, mentors, friends, and family. We care about the well being of our youth in the community and we want them to feel comfortable being themselves. Our Glama Gals read the oath and make the promise to us to always be true and be as beautiful as they are, because we all know beauty comes from the inside.

Number 1: Glam family

The number one thing all Glama Gals agreed on as our Glam Family! Coming into Glama Gals you instantly feel welcomed with open arms. Everyone has a different meaning of family, but I think we can all agree that a family has unity, respect, connectivity, and trust. And thats exactly what we have at Glama Gal Sudbury. A day at Glama Gals does not even feel like a day at work, it feels like a home.  No matter what happened during the day or even if you failed a really important test, the Glama Gals know just how to make anyone feel better. We always treat each other exactly how we would want to be treated and we are always looking out for one another. We truly care about every Glama Gal and making them feel special, even you.

Welcome to Glama Gal Sudbury’s GLAMM BLOG

Welcome Glam Friends in Sudbury!

It’s us, Glama Gal Sudbury, and we are writing to you from the south end of Sudbury and we are beyond ggs1 excited to extend our glam culture to our new GLAMM Blog! Now, many of you may know that GLAMA stands for Girls/ Gents Leading And Motivating All together. Here at Glama Gals  we thrive to promote confidence, positivity, and being unique. We took a spin from our regular GLAMA and created the GLAMM Blog. GLAMM stands for Glama Gals Laughing And Making Memories, because well…that’s what we LOVE to do the most, and we hope to inspire you to do the same!

Each week we will focus on our favorite “Top Five”. These Top Five could be anything from our favorite ggs4activities, spa items, spa services, or holiday gift ideas. And of course, we ggs7cannot forget about incorporating our favorite Glamspiration quotes. We hope to keep you reading and encourage you to submit any topics you would like us to cover (we love feedback!).  Tune in next week for our first ever blog topic, what is it you may ask? Well, of course we need to start with our Top Five favorite things about Glama Gals. It will be so hard to pick just five!ggs2

To excited to wait till next week? Stop in and say hello and discover what your Top Five favourites are. Also, visit our website to get a sneak peek www.glamagalparty.com/locations/sudbury

BFF Summer Spa Special at Glama Gal Blue

Side by Side Matching Mini Manis DIY Chocolate, Banana or Cotton Candy Facials to one another. Create a Scrub, Lotion, Bubbles, Lip Gloss or Perfume for your BFF (Choose 1 each) DIY matching BFF purses Keepsake BFF necklace to take home $124 for two friends. Book Online

Ultimate BFF Spa Package FB (2)

Glam Jam Pajama Parties all summer long!!

Moms and Dads drop off the kids at GG Blue Mountain for a super awesome and fun pajama party every night from 6:30pm to 8:30pm! Spots book up quick so please book in advance.  Come in your fave PJ’s and prepare to have a BLAST!  Each night is a different theme. Each night includes spa service , movie & craft based on the theme of the night. Cost is $55 per friend plus h.s.t. Book Online

FB Summer Blue Mountain Glam Jam Pajama Parties (1)

Meet Kelly From Glama Gal Unionville

What is your fave Glama Gal service that you like to perform and why?
Although I love to perform every Glama Gal service, I have to say that my favourite Glama Gal service is the “VIP and Me”. I’ve always enjoyed and loved being a part of this service because I not only get to pamper my clients but I am also creating a special bonding experience between both individuals. I have seen mothers and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters , aunts and nieces all walk in for some special bonding time and to be a part of that time and to create an experience that both will enjoy and cherish is one of the reasons I love working at Glama Gals.

What is your fave Glama Gal Bath Bomb flavour? 13501607_10157031045870082_3936942588157193121_n
I must note that I am constantly having an internal dilemma on trying to make up my mind on which one I like best. Right now my favourite is jelly donut, but tomorrow it may be Grape.

What is your fave nail polish colour?

My favourite nail polish colour is a light pink!

What do you love the most about your job?

Glama gals has changed my perspective on what a “job” really entails. In my past work places, I never experienced the different segments I experience every single day that I work at Glama Gals. Glama Gals is not only an environment full of positivity but I know that every little girl or boy that walks through our doors will leave our doors feeling positive and happy. To know that I can create an experience that leaves them with that feeling is something that not every person will be able to experience in the work place. I’ve created bonds and friendships with glama gals who walk into our doors regularly  and I have had glama gals who have walked into our spa remembering my name and remembering their positive experiences within glama gals. To sum this answer up, there are not enough words for me to describe all the different reasons to why I love my job.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I am not specifically certain on where I will be in 5 years. I see myself growing and learning and becoming a strong individual that can take on whatever life gives me.

What makes your Glama Gal location unique?
Our Glama Gal location is unique is so many ways! Our location is located in the hear of Unionville mainstreet, a historical street that many residents from all over the Greater Toronto Area constantly visit. Our spa looks like a barn from the outside, however when you enter it, it is as glamtastic as you can imagine!

Your most inspiring quote?
My most inspiring quote would have to be “Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people”.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

There is a lot of advice I would give to my younger self, one piece of advice and one that I am still working on is to stop worrying about what other people think. Everyone will have their opinions about you and what you do, however you should not care because at the end of the day you should always do what makes you happy and what make you the person that you are. If you want to dye your hair blue because it makes you happy then go for it, what everybody else thinks should not stop you from being true to yourself and to who you are.