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Thank you for your interest in owning your very own Glama Gal Kids Spa. Here are some frequently asked questions to start thinking about it.

How does franchising work?

Franchising is a unique business relationship where a Franchiser grants a Franchisee the right to use its brand and operating system for a period of time along with assistance for initial start-up and ongoing support. For this, the Franchisee pays an initial fee and ongoing monthly Royalty Fees. In short, you own your own business, but your business is required to operate using the Franchisor’s “system”.

Is previous spa, esthetic, or childcare (teaching) experience necessary to obtain a Glama Gal Kids Spa Franchise?


Spa, Esthetic, or childcare experience is always helpful, not necessary. For the role of an owner, management and leadership experience are most valuable. If you have experience running another type of business or team that includes working with employees and customers, managing operations cash, and generating budgets or financial statements, this will help immensely. As part of our very intense training program, you will learn everything required in order to successfully operate your own Glama Gal Tween Spa Franchise.

Do I have to work at the location or be at mobile parties full-time?

We require that our franchisees dedicate full-time hours to the business either as the designated Manager or (if you own more than one Glama Gal Kids Spa) that you are involved in all management roles.

Do you recommend having a partner?

The Glama Gal Kids Spa concept works best if you are the sole owner that will be working as the Manager of your location. We want our franchisees to be the face of their location and representatives of the Glama Gal brand in their community. Having a partner can become problematic as operating a business may change friendship or family relationship dynamics. We don’t want Glama Gals to be a reason for any broken relationships.

What is included in the Glama Gal Kids Spa Franchise System?


Franchise Owners retain and operate an assigned Glama Gal Kids Spa Franchise, and have the use of the brand name, trademarks, service protocols, operational systems and methods, marketing plan and ongoing business support.  Not to mention- you get to GlamSpire children of all ages.

What is your Initial Franchising Fee and Royalty Fee?

Including the initial fee, construction costs, millwork, design fees, start-up supplies, professional fees (lawyers, accountants, etc), and two months' rent – an average initial investment for a Glama Gal Kids Spa is between $150k to $200k. It’s such a wide range because your construction costs can vary depending on the condition and size of the space you choose and how much work it will need. This does not include HST. If you are looking into a mobile option your investment is 25k-30k.

Who designs and builds my Glama Gal Kids Spa?

You are in charge of the building of your Glama Gal Kids Spa, meaning you acquire your own trades and contractors. However, you must work alongside our hired designers and millwork team as they hold unique plans that align with all Glama Gal Kids Spa locations. Furniture, supplies, and inventory are purchased from our approved suppliers and vendors.

After I’m approved, how soon can I expect to open my Glama Gal Kids Spa?


This depends on the properties available in your territory. Once you find a location, negotiate a lease. Build-Outs usually take 3 to 4 months. This includes permits applications, inspections, etc. 

Does Glama Gal Kids Spa offer financing options?


At this time, Glama Gal Kids Spa does not offer financing assistance. Financing options may be pursued through third parties. However, the Government has a Small Business Financing Loan (CSBF) –which you can read about here. It can be used to cover 90% of eligible costs related to leasehold improvements and equipment for an amount of up to $350K. Glama Gal Kids Spa has broken down what may be eligible and this information can be provided to you. The Royal Bank of Canada offers a Government Guaranteed Small Business Financing Loan to cover 90% of Leasehold Improvements, Fixtures, and Equipment costs of your ‘build out’, however about 20%-35% of your start-up costs must be covered by unencumbered cash (this is used to cover the initial fee, rent, and various start-up supplies).

How much money can I make and when will I make a profit?

Profitability depends on many factors including operating and occupancy costs, financing terms, and most importantly, your ability to operate the business effectively. We can never tell you how much you can make. All we can show you is the previous historical financials of other locations. It is your job to do your due diligence to receive the financial advice you require.

Am I protected from other Glama Gal Kid Spa’s opening near my location?


At the time a location is determined for your first store a “Protected Area” will be established. The size of the area will depend on the density of population, traffic, competition, and other factors.

What is the average square footage of a Glama Gal franchise?


We recommend anywhere from 1000-1500 square feet.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you!

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