Glama Gal Sudbury’s Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens

Glama Gal Sudbury’s Holiday Gift Guide

 We all know the holidays can be stressful. There is always a certain pressure to provide everyone with the best gift of the season. Glama Gals is here to help and take some of the stress away! We have come together to create for Top 5 gifts of the season- All from Glama Gal Sudbury!

1) Fairy Doors

Fairy Doors are an excellent gift for young ones in your family. These little doors are used to help kids get past fears, anxiety, bad days, and provide them with a special feeling that someone cares. The concept of these doors is similar too the Elf on the Shelf in that a special friend comes to visit. The fairy door can be put anywhere in the house and the fairy will come and leave special notes, gifts, or fairy dust that the child can cherish for years. The notes can be as simple as wishing them luck on a test, words of encouragement, or even a funny joke to start off the day. They also come in different colours and make for a cute bedroom decoration. $19.99

2) Glama Gal Attire

Glama Gal clothing is so popular this year! Kids love the Be Confident Be Positive Be YOU saying that is on our T-shirts, headbands and leggings. The sweaters feature an original Glama Gal logo and are super comfy. The robes are available in pink, mauve, and white and have our classic GG logo. They are great for lounging around the house and even after the shower. Also available are doll robes and pyjama’s with our Glama Gal logos on them. Giving the gift of Glama Gal clothing will help spread our glamspiration by reminding everyone to Be Confident, Be Positive, and Be YOU!

3) Glamspiration Nail Shine

The Glamspiration Nail Shine is available right now as a 10-piece kit. These polishes were created with kids in mind. The peel-able, non-toxic polish is an excellent stocking stuffer. The polish will not stain the nails, last many days, odourless, and 100% VOC free!! The unique shimmery colors will be a hit with every kid this season. The box can even be used as a colouring page.

4) Gift cards

Gift cards can be used to purchase items from the retail area but can also be used towards services. A gift card gives your loved one a choice of choosing their favorite thing at GG. It will allow them to have a gift of the Glama Gal experience and a memory that will last a life time. Purchase a gift card and a few bath bombs and you will be the best gift giver ever!

5) Glam Box

Our glam boxes are by far the best gift this season. There is the Dolly & Me Glam Box ($49) and the Ultimate Tween Glam Box ($59). Both boxes include Glama Gal items and a Mini Manicure and Cucumber Mist facial gift card. Not only are they getting gifts to use at home, but also they are receiving the Glama Gal experience. The box details are listed below. The GFF card is an exclusive card that provides FREE mini mani’s on birthdays, discounts off feature visits, 10% off GG retail and much more.

Dolly and Me Glam Box: 1 GG nail shine, GG headband, 1 bath bomb, GFF card, Doll Robe or Pj set, and a mini manicure and cucumber mist facial gift card.

Ultimate Tween Glam Box: 2 GG nail shine, GG headband, 2 bath bomb, GFF card, GG Facial mask tube, and a mini manicure and cucumber mist facial gift card.


After reading this awesome gift ideas, you know it’s not hard to see that Glama Gal Sudbury is a one stop shop for your seasonal gifts. See you soon!


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