Join us for a weekly Virtual Workshop. Each week is a different theme and different kit you will receive.


How it works:


Once you have registered for a workshop you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us with instructions on how to enter our Glama Kids Imagination Pod. All workshops are conducted via ZOOM video conferencing. If you need help, just ask and we can help get you all set up. We will help you every step of the way.

Pick up or Delivery of your Kit: 

We can arrange a time for you to pick up your kit. If you choose delivery there will be a delivery fee of $10 + depending on your area.

Get Started: 

Make sure you are stationed at a table or desk and are super comfy. Wash your hands prior to starting the workshop. Have a table cloth set up on the table or desk and layout all of the items from the workshop kit that you received.


Let the Fun Begin!

Log in with the ZOOM LINK given to you and prepare for a fun LIVE Session with a GLAMINATION Host. Please note ZOOM works best with a desktop, laptop or IPad.