Welcome to Glama Gal Sudbury’s GLAMM BLOG

Welcome Glam Friends in Sudbury!

It’s us, Glama Gal Sudbury, and we are writing to you from the south end of Sudbury and we are beyond ggs1 excited to extend our glam culture to our new GLAMM Blog! Now, many of you may know that GLAMA stands for Girls/ Gents Leading And Motivating All together. Here at Glama Gals  we thrive to promote confidence, positivity, and being unique. We took a spin from our regular GLAMA and created the GLAMM Blog. GLAMM stands for Glama Gals Laughing And Making Memories, because well…that’s what we LOVE to do the most, and we hope to inspire you to do the same!

Each week we will focus on our favorite “Top Five”. These Top Five could be anything from our favorite ggs4activities, spa items, spa services, or holiday gift ideas. And of course, we ggs7cannot forget about incorporating our favorite Glamspiration quotes. We hope to keep you reading and encourage you to submit any topics you would like us to cover (we love feedback!).  Tune in next week for our first ever blog topic, what is it you may ask? Well, of course we need to start with our Top Five favorite things about Glama Gals. It will be so hard to pick just five!ggs2

To excited to wait till next week? Stop in and say hello and discover what your Top Five favourites are. Also, visit our website to get a sneak peek www.glamagalparty.com/locations/sudbury

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