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The Be Creative Spa Package


The Be Creative Spa Package Includes:

Make your spa day as unique and one-of-a-kind as you!You're the boss from here on out, so get creative and get excited! Choose 4 of your favourite GG activities and we'll bring your creative vision to life. 

Choose two spa services and two crafts from any of the below: 

  • Ice cream manicure

  • Ice cream pedicure

  • Sparkly hair glitter design with take-home hair accessory

  • Glitter tattoo

  • Create your own body scrub sundae

  • Create your own lip gloss

  • Create your own fizzy, sparkly unicorn bath dust

  • Create your own slime

  • Create your own frosting lotion

  • Create your own perfume 

  • Eye Glitter Design

  • Cucumber Mist calming facial & positive affirmation experience

Also includes an ice cream or cupcake to enjoy during your service.

$95 plus.h.s.t.

Timing: Approximately 75 mins ( may vary based on number of guests).

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