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Glam Steps

In franchising, there are steps to follow in order for us and more importantly for YOU, to see if this is something you really, really want. Don’t be blinded by the glitz and glam of it all just yet. We are essentially getting married for 10 years. As such, with any marriage, comes a big commitment. As much as we want to Glam-spire the world right away, we want to make sure we have the right franchisee who is aligned with our brand's moral compass.  So here are some of the steps we go through before bestowing you with a Glama Gal Kids Craft & Spa Franchise of your own.

Step #1: Be Educated


Visit a Glama Gal location and experience a Glama Gal service with a child. Gather their thoughts and feedback. Do not proceed to Step 2 unless you have done this.

Research Us- Research Laura and Josie, the creators of Glama Gals, to see what we are all about. You can follow the founders - Laura and Josie The GG Sister's public Instagram account here. Check out some media clips on us, scope out our Linkedin, peruse our Facebook and Instagram accounts. It’s ok – you need to know whom you are marrying so do some investigating on your end first.

Step #2: Be You

Fill out the inquiry. We will then contact you and get to know you a bit better before we send you a very detailed application. This step gives us the opportunity to make an initial assessment of who you are and why you want to be part of the Glama Gal Family.

Step #3: Be Confident

If you made it this far, things are looking good! We are going to invite you to meet with us for a few interviews and to see you in action. This will allow us to see if you are the right fit for our brand and family. During this time, we will send you a detailed credit application form to review your financial situation.

Step #4: Be Positive


If your credit application and interviews are successful, we will provide you with a copy of our Disclosure documents. You are really at the finish line at this point! Thanks to franchise law in Ontario, there is a 14 day Disclosure Period. During this time we require that you hire a lawyer that is well versed in franchise law. Lawyers can be found at the following website Canadian Franchise Association

Step #5: Be Confident, Be Positive, Be You

If you have made it this far, all that is left is for you to do is… sign the dotted line! Your 14-day disclosure period has passed, you have set up your corporation and you are ready to sign the franchise agreement along with payment of the franchise fee. Welcome to our Glama Family! Prepare to Glamspire for days to come!

Step #6: Be a Glama Gal

At this point we secure your Glama Gal territory, commence Glam University (a fancy name for our training program). Prepare to devote your life to Glama Gals for the next few months. You have a support system of talented women and fellow franchise owners who will guide you every step of the way. Your biggest reward?! Inspiring and motivating children of all ages, day in and day out.

Apply NOW!


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