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Dolly & Me Spa Package


Dolly & Me Includes:

  • Doll Hairstyling: Matching braid hairstyles for you and your doll.

  • Manicure: Ice Cream flavoured fizzy manicure

  • Mini-Facials: Enjoy a cucumber eyes mini-facial for both you and your doll. 

  • Glitter Tattoos: Choose from a variety of glitter tattoos to add some sparkle to your spa experience

  • Mocktail & Treat 


$79 plus hst per friend and doll 

Note: Please note we try to minimize the use of chemicals in our facility. As such if you or your child has gel, shellac, or acrylic nails we will not be able to remove. We can only remove regular nail polish. Please note this package is all about bonding and making a memory with that special child in your life, as such services it is not a manicure that consists of nail or cuticle cutting.

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