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Mother's Day


Mommy & Me Package

Blooming MOM-ments

Spa Package Includes:

This Package Includes: 

  • Lilac Love - Side by Side Mini Manis & polish Application

  • Strawberry exfliating hand massages

  • Vanilla Lavender cream face mask applications with cucumber eyes OR matching glitter tattoos

  • Blossoming hair bling

  • Bonding Craft Time-Create a personalized canvas bag for mom

  • Sip on a mocktail and enjoy a sweet treat

Package fees: $189 plus H.S.T. per per adult & child

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Making MOM-eries

Mom & Me Spa Date:

Package Includes: 

  • Blooming Beauties Mini Manicures:Enjoy side-byside mini manicures and polish applications

  • Sweetly Scented Hand Scrubs & Mom-and-Me Hand Massages: Learn fun hand massage lotion steps and perform them on each other.

  • Floral Fancies Flitter Tattoos: Sparkle with floral-themed designs

  • Love Patch Creations: Craft personalized makup bag with heartwarming patches for mom

  • Mom & Me Mother's Day Shades: Create keepsake sunglasses personalized and embellished with love

  • Mom-osa Drink Staton: Sip on refreshing fruity mocktails

  • Sweet Moments Cookie Corner: Indulge in delectable treats

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